4 Ways to Wake up Smarter with your Smartphone

When Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday night, millions of phones across America will automatically set themselves back an hour, gifting their owners with an extra hour of sleep. Technology truly is wonderful, don’t you think?

We think Straight Talk fans deserve to make every morning feel like they’ve gotten an extra hour of sleep, so we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite ways to wake up smarter using your smartphone. Sweet dreams!

1. Ease into consciousness

Use an alarm clock app that allows the volume of your alarm to increase gradually. Maybe throw some bird chirping and babbling brook sounds into the mix. For a moment, you might think you live in a tree house! Side note: it’s totally unsafe to get jolted awake by loud noises when sleeping in an actual tree house.

2. Download a sleep app

Waking up is easier when you’ve had a good night’s sleep. There are apps for insomniacs, and other sorts of troubled sleepers, with solutions ranging from hypnosis, to guided yoga, to soothing sounds. You can even find apps that track your movement from under your pillow and trigger your alarm when you are in your lightest state of sleep.

Woman sitting on bed with coffee browsing phone.

3. Stock up on smart gadgets

There are all sorts of appliances you can control with your smartphone via Wi-Fi (read: from your warm and cozy bed). You can get your morning brew going with a smart coffee pot or tune in to the morning news with a smart TV. Once you’ve treated yourself, think about treating the environment right, too, with a smart showerhead. It connects to an app that tracks your water usage to help you cut back on wasting water.

4. Meditate

With all the time you’ve saved by not hitting snooze and making coffee from bed, you’ll have a few minutes to add in another smart habit. Try meditation! The benefits range from reducing stress to slowing aging. You technically don’t need a smartphone to have a Zen morning, but a meditation app can be a helpful guide and persistent reminder.

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