The Best Fitness Accessories For Your Smartphone

Fitness gear that makes it easy to bring your phone along for the ride.

Smartphones are great tools for athletes. Not only can they help track your progress, but they can also help locate the best gyms and trails in the area. Not to mention, smartphones make it easy to listen to music wherever you go, so that you can stay focused on the task at hand. If you love getting out and being active, here are some of the most essential smartphone accessories.

Bicycle phone mount

If biking is your preferred mode of transport, a smartphone mount is a must. The mount easily attaches to your handlebars and keeps your phone secure and accessible. You can keep an eye on the screen the whole ride in case you need to check on your progress or see incoming text messages.

Phone Armband

An armband is handy for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Just put your phone in the slot and then slide the band over the top of your arm. Your phone will be nice and secure throughout the whole workout. If you need to skip to the next song within your playlist, you can usually do so without having to remove your phone. These accessories are perfect for running, biking, lifting weights or using gym equipment like ellipticals and stair climbers.

Wireless Bluetooth earphones

They’re comfortable, convenient, and give you more freedom to move around the way you want to.

If you haven’t switched to wireless earphones yet, you’re missing out. The pesky headphone cord is a pain-point for athletes everywhere. We all know what happens when the cord gets caught and rips out of the headphone jack mid-workout. But with Bluetooth earphones, you don’t have to worry about a cord! They’re comfortable, convenient, and give you more freedom to move.

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