Cell Phone Courtesy Month: Fighting Mobile Mayhem

July is National Cell Phone Courtesy Month, and as summer temperatures rise, tempers get shorter and minding our manners can help keep everyone cool. We’ve compiled a few quick tips to keep in mind as you enjoy mobile coverage on the nation’s largest and most dependable networks.


1. Texting and walking is a treadmill-only exercise.
Keep our sidewalks a little safer by keeping your head up. Texting while walking may seem innocent, but searching for the perfect emoji can quickly become altogether engrossing. If you have to text on-the-go, first remove yourself from the flow of foot traffic, please.


2. The bus is not a phone booth.
What if everyone used their afternoon commute on public transit to have a nice chat on the phone? Would we keep raising our voices to talk over each other until everyone is shouting into their phones and our conversations turn out to be not so nice after all? Help courtesy prevail so we never have to find out.


3. The big screen is enough screen for one movie theater.
You silenced your phone at the beginning of the show. No brainer. But you were waiting on a really important text from a special someone and you just want to check a couple times (per minute) that you didn’t miss it? Just, no. Not only is it distracting for other movie-goers, it lights up your face like a flashlight, so there’s no pretending you’re not the culprit. Your pocket or purse is the perfect place to keep your phone until the credits roll.


4. Strive to achieve selfie awareness.
The only thing cooler than a picture of something cool is a picture of that cool thing, plus your face. But are you endangering yourself or anyone else while you’re trying to strike the perfect pose? If you’re standing in the middle of the street, driving a car, standing on top of a human water-skiing pyramid, or otherwise involved in fast-paced, modern life, it may not be the best time to take a selfie. Practice your courteous face in the mirror, be swift with your shutter finger, and earn your likes in the world of social media and the world of planet earth alike.

What will you do this month to mind your mobile manners? Visit us on social and share.