Four Ways to Get Fit With Your Straight Talk Phone

Get more out of your device with these tips.

Finding time for fitness isn't easy, but your smartphone can be an invaluable partner in everything from invigorating your workouts to achieving better eating habits. Read on for four easy ways to get in shape with help from your Straight Talk device.

Phone on table timing a workout

  1. Keep a food diary. Jotting down everything you eat can help you make better dietary choices. It's also a great way to review your diet over time. Try apps like MyFitnessPal or MyPlate to access nutritional information, recipes, and tracking tools. Or, opt for your phone's note-taking app to record food intake and observations.

  2. Get active. Exercise is just as important as improving your diet. If you want to track steps, laps, or miles, an app that works with your activity tracker can integrate all of your data in one place. Is motivation your issue? Try Charity Miles, an app that coordinates donations for every mile you run, bike, or walk. And don't forget to check out video apps, such as YouTube, to find workouts ranging from yoga to Zumba.

  3. Rock out. Even when you're excited to hit the gym, it's easy to find boredom setting in, but music can keep you motivated. Check out playlists from your favorite streaming sources, like Spotify and Pandora, or use your music player to create the perfect assortment of songs to get you pumped.

  4. Stay social. Support is essential when getting fit. Whether you need accountability to make it to the gym or you love one-upping your friends and family, using fitness apps with a social component can help you stay on track. Try PumpUp to connect with other fitness enthusiasts, or push your limits by participating in challenges with Fitocracy.

As our phones become more essential, it's no surprise that they make great workout partners. If you're not currently using a smart device, check out the range of smartphones offered by Straight Talk to find an option that will let you access apps, music, videos, and more. And don't forget to select a service plan to accommodate your media streaming needs, so you can stay connected at home, in the gym, and anywhere else you go.