Get the Samsung Galaxy S9+ With America's Best Coverage

The latest model from Samsung has an unbeatable camera and other great features.

Don’t sacrifice the latest tech because your current service provider charges too much for their plans. Those who switch to Straight Talk enjoy the best of the best – like the Samsung Galaxy S9+ – without having to fork over extra cash for pricey service. Here’s some of what you can expect when you pair the new Samsung Galaxy S9+ with a Straight Talk unlimited plan.

Samsung S9+ stunning super low light camera

Stunning pictures

The Samsung Galaxy S9+ camera captures mesmerizing images – whether you’re shooting in broad daylight or under the night sky. And it’s all thanks to the Dual Aperture Lens. In the dark, the lens opens to pull in more light for a vibrant, clear photo. In sunlight, the lens adjusts to help make your pictures nice and sharp.

For even more professional-looking photographs, the Galaxy S9+ comes with Live focus, a feature that blurs the background when taking portraits to bring faces to the front. There’s even a background blur shapes function that lets you turn backdrop lights into fun shapes, like stars, hearts, butterflies, and flowers.

Slow-motion videos

The super speed sensor records a remarkable 960 frames per second, letting you create Super Slo-mo videos. Make instant edits, like adding songs or turning the video into a GIF, and share them with your friends and family.

Personalized emojis

The Galaxy S9+ creates an augmented reality version of you.

Liven up your chats with your very own emoji. The Galaxy S9+ creates an augmented reality version of you. Simply take a selfie, and let the smartphone work its magic. Then, you can dress up your AR emoji by choosing hairstyles and clothing. Record videos with your emoji talking or singing – or choose from 18 stickers – and send them to your friends for a whole new way of communication.

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The Samsung Galaxy S9+ is best paired with an unlimited service plan from Straight Talk, giving you the data you want at a price you can afford. Browse smartphones to find the Galaxy S9+ and even more of the latest mobile tech.