Hidden Smartphone Tricks And Features You May Not Know

Do you know what your smartphone is capable of?

You may be surprised to find you aren’t using your smartphone to its greatest potential. Both iOS and Android systems have some tricks up their sleeves that offer a range of capabilities. Keep reading to get in the know on your smartphone’s best-hidden features.

Man using smartphone

Tips and tricks for iOS and Android

Some smartphone features are universal and can be found no matter the operating system you’re using. For instance, did you know that you can add contact information to your lock screen? If you ever lose your phone or are in an emergency, this feature can be a life saver. Similarly, find out your smartphone’s one-handed SOS features to ensure you’re prepared in case of an emergency. Other features to check out include night mode, location sharing, and cursor control.

Things you didn't know your iOS device could do

iPhone offers unique features that are all their own. One of these is screen-tracking. If you find yourself using your smartphone more than you’d like or if you’re curious how much time you spend glued to its screen, this feature can help. With it you can see exactly how much time you spend on your phone and in what category, such as entertainment or social networking, and you can even set downtime and app limits. Another handy hidden iPhone feature is the audio timer. Use the clock app to set a timer for media to stop playing on your phone when you need it, such as when listening to music while falling asleep.

Your Android phone can do what?

Screen pinning keeps users locked on a chosen screen or app.

Want to keep your phone more private when you let other people borrow it? Most Android devices have a guest mode feature that allows you to limit what others can do on your phone with their own guest profile. Screen pinning is another helpful privacy feature, keeping users locked on a chosen screen or app. This can be helpful if you have kids who frequently play games on your phone. When you need the functionality of two screens at once, Android offers split-screen mode. This allows you to use two different applications at the same time.

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