How to keep your New Year’s Resolution

We all know a new year is great for reinvigorating your optimism and rejuvenating yourself, but we’re also no strangers to how hard it is to hang on to that spirit and keep a New Year’s resolution. Luckily, we’re ringing in this year with more advanced technology than in any previous year, and we plan on using that to our advantage!

2015 was certainly amazing, but this year, phones are even smarter and better connected, too. Paired with 5GB of high-speed data then 2G* and cell coverage on America’s best and most dependable networks from Straight Talk, your device is the perfect partner for helping you not give up on your resolutions! Check out our tips below for ways to make any type of resolution more mobile.

*At 2G speeds, the functionality of some data applications such as streaming video or audio may be affected. Please refer always to the Terms and Conditions of Service at

Stay Healthy

Get social for this one. From pinning recipes to following your favorite hashtags to joining a network where you’ll share your progress, social media can help you eat healthier, no matter how you define your diet.

Stay Active

Find a gym with the maps app. Sync your device to your fitness tracker. Track your runs using GPS. Discover a new weight lifting workout. Have fun!

Stay Connected

Set a reminder to call your mom every weekend or reach out to old friends on social media. Your Netflix queue won’t go anywhere while you’re catching up with the people you love!

Stay Hydrated

There’s nothing too exciting about drinking water, so why not make it a game? Challenge a friend to a Snap-off and see who can be there first to send 8 snaps of empty water glasses a day.

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