Your Guide To Smartphone Apps

Learn about the basics of smartphone apps and how to download them.

Since the debut of the smartphone, mobile apps have become an essential part of everyday life for phone owners around the world. But if you’re still new to smartphones, you may be wondering – what exactly is an app? Keep reading, and we’ll talk about the definition of smartphone apps and give you an idea of all that today’s mobile apps can accomplish.

Smartphone with music app running

What Is an app?

App is short for application. Not unlike computer software, apps can be downloaded onto your phone in order to serve a particular purpose. You’ll usually download apps through an online marketplace run by the creator of your device’s operating system. In order to download an app, you’ll require a few things:

  • An account on your respective app marketplace
  • A wireless Internet connection or access to mobile data
  • Enough storage space to accommodate the app
What kind of apps can I use?

Download social media apps, games, news, streaming apps, and more to your smartphone.

Because there are millions of apps on the market, it’s fairly easy to find an app that accomplishes nearly anything. Popular types of apps include all of the following, although many more are available:

  • Social media apps: Every major social media platform has its own app, allowing users to connect with friends, family, and acquaintances on the fly.
  • Games: Looking for entertainment while you’re out and about? There are plenty of games to choose from on all major app stores.
  • News: Keeping up with all the latest headlines is simple thanks to apps from the world’s biggest news providers.
  • Streaming apps: Whether you’re trying to catch up on your favorite TV show or want to listen to your favorite albums, you’ll find an app that can help you out. Many of these apps require paid subscriptions, but some are free to use.

Regardless of which apps you download, most will receive frequent updates. These may provide additional features, or they may simply tighten up the app’s performance to help prevent slow loading times or other issues. Bear in mind that you’ll need a Wi-Fi or mobile data connection to update your apps.

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