Keep Your Phone Safe This Summer


1. Plastic Baggies
If you're spending the summer at the beach, plastic sandwich bags should be your best friend. They might as well be called "plastic cell phone protector shields". Simply place your phone in the bag, seal it shut and keep the sand out of your speakers and buttons - just make sure the bag doesn't have any holes!

2. Double Check your pockets
On a hot day it can be easy to throw caution to the wind and dive in the pool. Just make sure to double check your pockets for your phone to avoid the slow-motion realization as you hang in the air before submerging yourself and your electronic friend.

3. Take pictures with two hands
Summer road trips and vacations can have some of the most glorious photo ops of all time. Just keep in mind it's a long way down on those cliffs. And the wind during that out-the-window mountain photo can rip your phone right out of your fingers.

4. Avoid Water
This should be common sense, but we’ve all done it at least once. If you’re going to be close to water leave your phone at a safe distance. Even for just a few minutes. Don’t worry, those text messages aren’t going anywhere.

Summer is full of fun in the sun. Make sure you keep your Straight Talk Wireless device safe so you can capture all the memories you’ll be making!