All About Mobile Hotspots

Learn about how mobile hotspots work and the options available through Straight Talk.

Straight Talk isn’t just about competitively priced prepaid phone service – we have other features, too, like our mobile hotspots. These convenient devices make it easy for you to browse the Web from virtually any Wi-Fi-enabled device while you’re on the run, and the compatible no-contract plans are just as simple as our phone options.

Quick answer: Mobile hotspots are a quick and easy way to gain access to the Internet. If you’re looking to purchase a mobile hotspot, Straight Talk has a variety of affordable and contract-free hotspot plans available.

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How hotspots work

When it comes to mobile hotspot service, you select and pay for your plan just like you would for any Straight Talk mobile service plan. The difference here, however, is that you’re not using the hotspot as a device – the hotspot simply broadcasts the service you’ll be using. So, once you have the hotspot set up, you can tether a variety of devices to it, from smartphones and tablets to computers, for convenient access to the World Wide Web wherever the hotspot receives coverage – simple as that.

The ZTE mobile hotspot

If you want to use your hotspot with multiple Wi-Fi-enabled devices, check out the ZTE Z291DL. Designed to connect with up to 10 laptops, smartphones, or tablets, this hotspot – which fits in your pocket – features 4G LTE connectivity in order to provide you with the best speeds and reliability available. Simply add the device to your cart on our website, choose your compatible service option and place your order – soon enough, you’ll be browsing on the go.

Choosing your plan

Straight Talk offers affordable and contract-free hotspot plans.

Have you found a hotspot that’s right for you? Then it’s time to move on to service plan selection. Much like our prepaid mobile phone service, our hotspot plans are affordable and contract-free – just pick an option that suits your usage expectations and get surfing. From our simple 30-day, 1GB data plan to our 60-day, 7GB selection, you’re sure to find something that makes the cut.

Easy access with Straight Talk

If you want easier web access on the go, Straight Talk’s mobile hotspot service might be the perfect solution. Offering more speed, more data, and less money through a variety of devices and plans to suit your needs, we’re here to keep you connected, no matter where life takes you.