Say Goodbye To Your Phone Anxiety In Four Steps

Phone calls may seem intimidating, but with these easy tactics, you’ll be an expert conversationalist in no time.

The phone call is no longer the everyday necessity it once was. Previous generations would dash to pick up their landline’s receiver the moment they heard a ring, but today’s phone users – especially younger generations – tend to shun the phone call in favor of texting and other forms of electronic communication. In fact, 61% of Americans regularly ignore phone calls each year.

But why have calls become so unpopular? For some, it’s about time – sending a text takes seconds at most, and can be done while multitasking. Another widespread reason is that, for many, a phone call is a nerve-wracking experience. But it doesn’t have to be. Here’s how to get over phone anxiety in four simple steps.

Quick answer: To make phone calls easier, write out a script, remember that you’re not the only nervous caller, know that businesses need your calls, and practice as much as possible.

Woman smiling and talking on phone

Write it out

A common phone-call fear is the idea that you simply won’t know what to say once the other party has picked up. Pulling together up a rough script offers an easy solution. You won’t be able to plan the conversation entirely, as the nitty-gritty details depend on how the other person reacts, but jotting down a bulleted list of important points can serve as a helpful guide as you navigate the call.

Embrace community

Here’s something to remember whenever you’re making a call – no matter who you’re calling, there’s a good chance that you’re not the only one who’s done it. Likewise, you’re probably not the only caller who’s been nervous about doing so. The knowledge that you’re just one anxious person in a sea of anxious people should make it easier to remember that there’s no need to worry over being judged on the phone.

Know your value

Businesses need calls like yours in order to thrive.

Know why the pizzeria down the street has their phone number plastered across their window? It’s because they want you to call. The same goes for businesses that place customer service hotlines on their product packaging – customer feedback is valuable, and it can play a key role in how a company operates and improves. So rather than just rationalizing your call with the idea that you’re not the only one who’s been in your position, you can also remind yourself that businesses need calls like yours in order to thrive.

Practice, practice, practice

As the old adage goes, practice makes perfect, and that’s just as true with phone calls as it is anywhere else. Consider kick-starting your practice by making quick, simple calls to close friends to discuss weekend plans. Then, take things up a notch and call acquaintances or family members with whom you’re less tight-knit. Just be sure to work at your own pace – not everyone is comfortable with the same types of calls.

Another easy way to practice is by engaging with social apps that offer phone-like features. Video-chat apps, like Skype, FaceTime, and Facebook Messenger, make it simple to call friends, so you can talk with your voice while still being able to observe their body language. Using these apps without the video feature, however, lets you practice in an environment that’s similar to phone calls, albeit with someone you’re already comfortable with.

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