Safety First: The Latest Smartphone Security Features

Learn about the advanced security features available on your smartphone.

Quick answer: If you’re looking to protect all the content and data you save in your smartphone, your phone’s software already has you covered. Advanced security features like fingerprint sensors, iris scanning, and GPS trackers within your smartphone keep all your personal information safe, so you don’t have to worry about data falling into the wrong hands.

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One worry that often plagues hesitant smartphone users is the security of their data and content. But as with every other design element of modern mobile devices, from screens to cameras, security features have evolved significantly over the past several years. Now, there are plenty of reliable measures designed with your safety and security in mind. Read on to learn about some of the most notable technologies designed to enhance your phone’s security.

Fingerprint Sensors

Fingerprint sensors use capacitors to analyze your unique fingerprint, making it easy for only you to gain access to your phone.

Although they were seldom found in smartphones just a few years ago, fingerprint sensors have become an essential security tool. The most common type of fingerprint sensor, capacitive, is relatively tough to fool. These sensors use capacitors to amass the unique data provided by your fingerprint, making it easy for you – and only you – to gain access to your phone.

Iris Scanning

An innovation inspired largely by military technology, iris scanners are designed to make access to a phone nearly impossible for anyone except its actual owner. The system uses near-infrared (NIR) light, which lets the device scan the eye of whoever is trying to access it. If at least one iris is recognized, the user will gain access to the phone. If the iris is unfamiliar, the phone remains locked.

The Kill Switch

Most phones – including up-to-date devices running Android and iOS operating systems – can be found with help from apps specifically crafted for recovering lost or stolen devices. Apple, for example, offers the Find My iPhone feature, while Google’s version is called Find My Device. By using these apps on another phone or on the web, you’ll be able to use GPS to track your phone. Plus, if you’re worried about thieves uncovering sensitive information, you’ll be able to remotely reset your device to its factory settings.

Make Your Choice

There are more ways than ever to ensure the safety of your trusty device. If you’re looking to upgrade to a smartphone with the latest security features, browse Straight Talk’s shop today.