5 Ways To Speed Up Your Smartphone

Try these tips and tricks for a better smartphone experience.

If you’re an active smartphone user, you’ve probably dealt with speed issues before. They can be caused by a variety of problems, from overburdened storage to an outdated operating system (OS). Here, we’ll give you a few pointers on how to keep your Straight Talk device performing at peak speeds – so you can take advantage of everything our 4G LTE network has to offer.

Quick answer: If you’re looking to speed up your smartphone, try deleting extra apps, clearing your phone’s cache, updating your operating system, or doing a full reset. If none of these options work, it may be time to purchase a new one.

Woman laying on couch using a smartphone.

1. Delete extra apps.

There are lots of useful apps out there, and while you might be tempted to add them all to your device, most smartphone users end up using only a handful of the apps they've downloaded. Low storage can contribute to sluggish performance, so deleting extra apps can help speed processes back up.

2. Clear your phone’s cache.

Your device’s cache stores temporary data saved from websites you’ve visited. This data is intended to help cut down on browser loading times, but the amount of data stored in your cache can add up quickly, slowing down your phone as a result. On an Android device, you can clear your cache by visiting your storage settings. If you’re an iPhone user, find your Safari settings and hit the “Clear History and Website Data" button.

3. Update your OS.

Both Google and Apple update their mobile OS routinely, so be sure to download the latest update to secure the best performance possible. Just remember that the updating process requires a lot of data, so always connect to Wi-Fi before you start.

4. Do a full reset.

Back up content to your PC or a Cloud storage solution and then visit your settings to find the reset function.

No luck with any of the above avenues? A factory reset may be your best bet. Begin by backing up all of your content – you can either use your PC or a Cloud storage solution to do so – and then visit your settings to find the reset function. Once it's complete, your phone will be cleansed of apps, photos, videos, and other data that can slow down your device’s performance.

5. Get a new phone.

If your phone is old and outdated, it might simply be a lost cause – but we’re here for you. Upgrade your mobile experience and get everything for less with a budget-friendly smartphone from Straight Talk today.

Once you're operating at full speed, you'll be better able to enjoy the social media, gaming, and productivity apps on your phone. Make sure you're always connected with one of Straight Talk's low-price service plans for your preferred device.