Stay Connected to the Dads in Your Life With a Smartwatch

This Father’s Day gift will be one your dad won’t forget.

The rise of smartphones has triggered an increase in smart technology across the board – it’s present in all sorts of items, from car stereos to kitchen appliances – and even watches. With their ability to deliver both the time-tracking benefit of a traditional watch and a wide array of digital features to make life easier, a smartwatch may be just the thing the dad in your life wants for Father’s Day.

Man with smartwatch on wrist and city in background

What can Dad do with a smartwatch?

Smartwatches offer a host of benefits, but most devices only support certain applications, so the exact features available with any given smartwatch tend to change from model to model. Keep your dad’s interests and hobbies in mind as you consider which brand of smartwatch you should purchase for him. This list will give you a good idea of what you’ll be able to do with most smartwatches:

  • Use apps: Common apps include a variety of fitness, navigation, and scheduling programs.
  • Manage messages: Reading messages is available on most smartwatches by default, and some devices will even let you send a text response by voice. That way, Dad can keep in touch with you no matter where he goes.
  • Track fitness stats: If your dad maintains a fitness routine, most smartwatches boast built-in pedometers and heart rate monitors to help users stay on track from the gym to the golf course.

Common apps include a variety of fitness, navigation, and scheduling programs.

How smartwatches work

Even if your dad isn’t the most tech-oriented guy, smartwatches are pretty easy to use – and most allow you to select a custom wristband to suit your style. Make sure to choose a smartwatch with the same operating system as the phone he currently uses to ensure compatibility.

For the most part, despite the wide range of models on the market, they all work similarly – you connect the watch to your smartphone via Bluetooth, put the watch on your wrist, and take advantage of its many features.

Pair it with the right device

If the dad in your life needs a brand-new smartphone to pair with his smartwatch, browse our available phones to find the perfect match.