Stay Safer with Straight Talk’s New “Connected Life” Products


When it comes to your family’s safety, never settle for less. With Straight Talk’s new Connected Life products, you won’t have to. These products offer smart, simple, easy-to-use tools that can keep you connected to the important things in your life. Whether you’re at home or on the road, you’ll be able to enjoy a little peace of mind when it comes to looking out for your family. It’s a win-win.


Safe Driver Car ConnectionTM helps you keep up with your teenage driver while improving their skills behind the wheel. The new product comes equipped with a GPS chip and wireless data transmitter, easily fitting into your car’s OBD-II port. With the device you can:

· Track your vehicle's location or find your car in a crowded parking lot
· Restrict text messages and phone usage while driving (third-party app required)
· Assign vehicle geo-fences remotely
· Receive a driver score report to monitor your child’s vehicle use
· Help maintain vehicle health and fuel performance
· Connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop to receive alerts

Straight Talk’s Remote Alert System is a standalone, non-monitored device that has a built-in wireless module that can send an SMS message or place a phone call to up to eight pre-assigned numbers when a sensor is triggered. With easy wireless installation, you can arm/disarm the Remote Alert System device remotely, all from your smartphone. Straight Talk also offers three accessories to help enhance your basic kit:

· Additional motion sensors
· Magnetic door/window sensors
· Remote key fob

Both devices are available at your local Walmart store or online at and require the no contract, 30-day $10 service plan specially designed for Connected Life Products.

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