Teach Your Teen Safe Driving Habits with Safe Driver Car Connection

Each year, National Teen Driver Safety Week (NTDSW) takes place in October. This special week is designated to raise awareness for teen driver safety issues and encourage safe teen driver and passenger behavior. National Teen Driver Safety Week is the perfect time to talk to your teen about maintaining safe driving habits, and the Safe Driver Car Connection device from Straight Talk can help make safe driving easier than ever.

Safe Driver Car Connection is an easy-to-use device from Straight Talk that helps you monitor, manage and maintain your vehicle, all from your smart phone. When it comes to teen driver safety, this device has a lot features that come in handy.

Cell Phone Restriction

Blocking your teen’s cell phone use in the car can help reduce distracted driving. With text restriction features and the ability to disable inbound and outbound calling while the car is in motion, you can help keep your teen focused on the road.

Vehicle Location

This feature makes it simple to keep track of your teen driver. You can be sure you teen is where they say they are and can monitor their vehicle’s location in real-time.

Safety Zone Alerts

Safe Driver Car Connection also allows you to set driving zones and alerts you when the car enters and exits certain predetermined areas.

Driver Scoring

To see how your teen has been driving when you’re not in the car, the driver scoring feature records hard braking, acceleration and sharp turning.

And that’s only the beginning. The Safe Driver Car Connection device can also monitor fuel consumption, send maintenance alerts when your car needs a tune up and locate your car in any parking lot. When it comes to keeping your teen safe on the road, Safe Driver Car Connection is a tool every parent should have.

Visit your local Walmart or go online to Walmart.com or StraightTalk.com and get yours today!