The Top 3 Photo Editing Apps Everyone Should Have

Transform your ordinary photos with filters and effects.

In the past, the only good way to edit your cell phone photos was to upload them to a computer. Now, you can add filters and effects right on your phone. There are tons of great photo editing apps out there that allow you to do some really cool and interesting things. If you’re someone that takes a lot of pics with your Straight Talk phone, you’ll definitely want to check out these apps.

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Beginner level: Instagram

If you want to spice up your camera roll, Instagram is a great place to start. The app’s photo editing features are fairly intuitive and easy to get the hang of. You can select from two dozen different filters, which basically change the color of the photo to make it look more interesting. You can also crop, tilt, sharpen, and adjust the brightness and contrast levels. Plus, you get to play around with cool effects, like blurring out the background. All in all, Instagram offers all the basic features a beginner might want – and it’s free, too.

Download the app: Android / iOS

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Intermediate level: Facetune

If you’re on social media a lot, you’ve probably heard of Facetune. A lot of influencers and celebrities use this app to enhance their selfies and other photos. It offers some of the same features as Instagram, like filters and blur effects, but Facetune takes it a step further. With this app, you can also remove blemishes, reshape objects, whiten teeth, fix red eye, and rotate and flip your photos. Once you get the hang of using the tools, you can create some pretty amazing results. This app is not free, but for only a couple of bucks, it might be worth it if you’re looking for a professional-quality edit.

Download the app: Android / iOS

Advanced level: Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox helps take your creativity to the next level. This artsy app allows you to do many of the same things the previous two apps do, but with much more on top of that. For example, you can superimpose images to create surreal pieces of art and play around with sophisticated layers. Not only is this app useful for social media photos, but it’s also handy for designing flyers, business posters, album artwork, and more. Access to the basic features only costs a few dollars, but the pro editing features cost more.

Download the app: iOS

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With your Straight Talk phone, the possibilities are endless.

Remember, these are just a handful of photo editing apps out of the hundreds available. Browse through the App Store or Google Play to find one that offers all the features you’re looking for. Because with your Straight Talk phone, the possibilities are endless. Check out our phones and data plans today to see how Straight Talk gives you more, for less.