Up Your Holiday Gift-Giving Game With 50% More Mobile Data

Find out how you can do more with your data during this holiday season.

Straight Talk already serves up the best phones, best networks, and best deals in mobile, but during this holiday season, we’re giving the gift of more. It’s simple. You purchase an Unlimited Nationwide $35 or $45 plan, and we give you 50% more data to use as you please. Wondering how to make the most of all this extra data? Here's everything you need to know.

Man streaming video on a smartphone

How it works

With so much data, the possibilities are endless.

Just like everything Straight Talk has to offer, this promotion is easy to enjoy. Start by purchasing your new Straight Talk phone. Then, pick your plan – choose between the $35 and $45 Unlimited Nationwide options – and activate your device. You’ll have immediate access to 50% more data. That’s 3GB for the $35 plan and a whopping 15GB for $45.

With so much data, the possibilities are endless. Here are three ideas for you or your lucky gift recipient this holiday season.

Stream video

Streaming video is a data-heavy task, but with more data at your disposal, you can spend that much more time consuming the content you love. Trying to catch up on your favorite TV shows? Download the app of your preferred streaming service, and watch on the go. If you’re shopping for a socialite, on the other hand, more data is a must when it comes to video-heavy social media platforms, like Snapchat and Instagram.

Get in the game

Smartphones have become one of the world’s most widely used gaming platforms – and for good reason. Whether you’re an Apple or Android user, the odds are good that your marketplace is home to thousands upon thousands of great mobile games available at little to no cost. Most popular games do require data, however, and picking up a plan during our 50% more data promotion makes it easy to give the gift of long-lasting fun.

Jam out

For the smartphone user who needs a different playlist for work, the gym, family dinners, and weekend fun, Straight Talk’s 50% more data promotion is a dream come true. Plenty of extra data means you can rock out to your favorite songs, catch up on great new music, and even stream your favorite holiday tracks during Christmas dinner.

Do more

This holiday season, Straight Talk is ready to remind the world that we offer everything for less. But don’t wait to take advantage of our high-speed, dependable 4G LTE networks, because this 50% more data promotion ends on January 26. Shop Straight Talk phones and plans to get started.