The Best Ways to Watch Movies With Your Smartphone

With today’s mobile technology, your favorite movies are just a few taps away.

Kicking back and watching your favorite blockbuster with popcorn in hand is a simple way to enjoy a comfy night in, and thanks to high-tech smartphones, viewing the titles you love most is easier than ever. Mobile streaming is also a convenient way to watch movies from your phone without HDMI cables. Nevertheless, watching a movie on your phone is a different experience from watching it on your TV or at a theatre. Here, we offer a few tips to help make your mobile movie experience one to remember.

Quick answer: Watching movies on your phone is simple with streaming apps, which let you download your favorite titles. For best results, watch movies on your smartphone with good headphones and a phone stand.

man watching a movie on his phone in the park

Choose your service

There are lots of ways to watch movies on your smartphone, and most of them require a fee. The app you choose will depend on many things, including your budget and which titles you’re looking to watch. Popular paid mobile movie apps include Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon video, but these aren’t your only options. For example, many cable providers or TV networks offer their own streaming apps, where you can watch on-demand titles for free if you’re a subscriber.

Master your setup

The fact that you can catch a flick on your phone seems convenient until you’ve been holding your phone in the same position for two hours straight. That’s why it’s important to consider your mobile movie setup before you dive in.

One way to make your mobile movie experience better is to outfit your phone with a case that features a built-in stand. This not only helps keep your phone safe from drops, but it also allows you to prop it up on a table or another surface, freeing up your hands to tackle that buttery popcorn. Another option is to use a streaming player, like Roku or Apple TV, to stream your favorite movies and TV shows from your device right to your television.

Consider sound quality

Nothing completes a great movie quite like an excellent soundtrack. Make sure you’re prepared to pick up every detail by choosing a pair of high-quality headphones. Planning to watch a movie with a friend? Bluetooth speakers are also an excellent choice, as they usually offer better audio quality than the built-in speaker on your phone.

Download your favorites

Most streaming apps let you download movies to your phone for easy offline viewing.

If you like to watch movies on the go, then you’ll probably want to download them before you head out – because Wi-Fi hotspots don’t usually offer the speed you’ll need to stream, and movies are too data-heavy for the average phone plan. Fortunately, most streaming apps, including Netflix and Hulu, let you download movies to your phone for easy offline viewing. This can work wonders for long days spent in the passenger’s seat or at an airport terminal.

Pick your device

Now that you know how to watch movies on your phone, find a smartphone that’s right for you at Straight Talk. Then, pair it with a data plan – that way you can research your favorite movies while you’re out and about before you come home, crawl under the covers, and press play.