What Your Camera Roll Says About You


1. Your pet is your favorite model
Your furry companion is the cutest pet in the world and you want everyone to know it. Others may argue their pet is in fact the cutest on the planet, but your extensive gallery of unbelievably darling photos will prove them wrong.

2. Selfies, selfies, and more selfies
When the majority of your photos are selfies, you know you’re doing big things. A little confidence never hurt anyone. Plus, sometimes your phone is the most convenient mirror you have. You have to make sure you’re looking good before heading out for the day.

3. Nature, sunsets, sunrises
You are a hopeless wanderer. You see the beauty in the world around you. Keep craftily choosing those filters and camera angles and sharing the beauty of nature with your followers.

4. Blurry concert images
You’re a music lover. You have great taste and love discovering new bands. Unfortunately your photo taking skills aren’t up to par. You’re having so much fun at the show that you want everyone to know it, but sometimes it’s best to just tell your friends about it later.

5. Babies galore!
You’re a new parent and it’s the most exciting time of your life. Your baby is the best model in the world and every new outfit is a new “awww” moment. But you’re still salty about the time baby met puppy for the first time and you didn’t have your phone handy… and we are too.

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