From Phones to Data, Here's Why These Customers Love Straight Talk

Our current customers are sharing why they chose no-contract wireless.

We could tell you that Straight Talk offers the same great coverage you get from your contract carrier at a lower price, or that we truly have the best phones on the best networks. But why take our word for it when you can see exactly what our customers have to say? Below, you’ll find some of our most recent customer testimonials.

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“I’ve had Straight Talk for almost 7-8 years and never had a problem :) I won’t go back to a traditional company again!!!”

- Vanessa L. from Maine

“I’m very happy with my service and price with you. I’m recommending you to my family and friends.”

- Dan S. from New York

“With all the phones I've had thru Straight Talk over years of service, I’ve never had any issues. Never dropped a call. Top notch!”

- William I. from Arizona

“I absolutely love the $55 Ultimate Unlimited plan! I literally never worry about data anymore. Full (LTE) Speed ahead! Choo Choo!”

- Brian W. from Kentucky

“I’ve had Straight Talk for at least 8-9 years. Had a hard time setting up 1 phone out of a dozen or so. No complaints here!!!”

- Mike B. from Pennsylvania

“Had Straighttalk for about 10 years. LOVE it! Phones are affordable, never really needed customer service help. I love that you can switch to any plan $35, $45, $55. Whenever you need to whatever suits you. And the Straight Talk rewards are great too!”

- Shalimar O. from Hawaii

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