Wow Mom With Wireless Headphones

Whether she’s listening to her favorite podcast while prepping lunch for the week, going for a quick run to relieve some stress, or zoning out with a meditation app during an unscheduled 15 minutes of downtime, wireless headphones are game-changers for those who multi-task – and we all know moms are multi-tasking experts. If you’re considering wireless headphones for a mom in your life this Mother’s Day, learn about their features and functionality before buying.

What Are Wireless Earphones?

Just like their name implies, wireless headphones don’t require physical tethering to a device. Instead, they connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth, a wireless technology that exchanges data over short distances. Wireless earphones work by transmitting audio through either radio or IR (infrared) signals. Depending on the Bluetooth-enabled smart device, pairing methods may differ, but it’s usually as simple as putting the headphones in pairing mode, turning on Bluetooth on your phone, selecting the earphones you want to connect to and following any onscreen prompts.

wireless headphones on desk

The Marks of Good Wireless Earbuds

Wireless headphones tend to come in two styles: in-ear or on-ear. Whereas wireless in-ear headphones, otherwise known as earbuds, insert into the ear canal, on-ear headphones rest on top of your outer ears. Because of their lightweight, compact size, wireless in-ear headphones are more commonly used in fitness applications.

woman running at sunrise or sunset

Sport buds, which are made specifically for working out, usually feature wings that hook around the ear to help them stay in place while running, lifting weights and performing other exercises. There are also earbuds that wrap around or lodge into the crevices of the outer ear, minimizing the need to interrupt a workout to adjust the earphones.

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